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September 2, 2014

OXA Italian Restaurant

As evidence that low season is approaching, the resort had very few bookings for brunch this past Sunday. Doing overtime work was not required. I was able to leave  on time and join a  friend for early dinner. I let her choose between Thai and pizza. She wanted the latter. I know a German restaurant another friend and I used to go to in Lamai walking street. They make good pizza and I couldn't wait for her to try it for herself.  She skipped lunch. I knew she was starving.

We left the apartment hurriedly. I was disappointed when we got there. The restaurant was still closed but I wasted no time. I took her to another pizza place just around the corner, a few steps away from the German restaurant. People raved about it. I hadn't had a chance to go so it was a perfect time to check it out.

We mutually decided to get tomato and mozarella cheese salad and pizza margerita. I had just had lunch right before I left work. The two would be enough but I wondered if that would sustain my friend. Anyway we were in Lamai walking street. It was a Sunday so the night market would be running til late. There's plenty of food choices so I didn't have to worry if her tummy growled again.

The mozzarella tasted different from the store-bought, processed kind. I was not sure if the cheese  was gelatinized because it was a bit  chewy.

Closer look

Saki and I were ecstatic when  margerita was served. She took her first slice and gave it a thumbs up. The crust was crispy. We enjoyed it.

Taking my first slice

We had a wonderful satisfying meal for a reasonable price. We split the bill of Thai Baht 430. That included lemon iced tea and green tea drinks. Check out OXA Italian Restuarant in Lamai for a good pizza experience.

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