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September 10, 2014

Mud About Chocolate

I must admit I have been slow lately. I  burned myself  out because of the demands at work. I have yet to fully recover and I know it would take time for me to recharge.  As the resort's occupancy rate is dropping, I am finally getting a little break from the high season madness.

Just when my rigid work schedule is easing up a bit, I was commissioned yet again to make another wedding cake. It would probably be the last wedding of the year before the holiday season starts. When I got the email regarding the style and flavor, I was relieved to know that the couple wanted chocolate mud cake covered in white icing. Making the cake several times in the past  has got me familiarized with the ingredients and procedures. It would be easy. I have worked with fondant so many times already.and did not have any problems. There was no reason for me to fret. So I thought...

I was overly confident that everything would go smoothly as  planned and that I would finish ahead of schedule. Little did I know that just one flaw would cost me a great deal of time and energy. Icing the cakes went smoothly. Working with fondant was a challenge. Imagine kneading 2 kilos of fondant, rolling it out to the required size, lifting the white icing and covering the cake with it. A piece of cake. Not so when the fondant you rolled out for so long and  carefully placed on the cake cracks on the edge. And it was not just a small crack. They're huge, long ones. That's what happened to my fondant. I repeat the process five times but to no avail.  I tried to salvage what I had by mixing it with a new fondant but it didn't work. It was tearing on the edges as soon as I lay it on top of the cake. I had to call my supplier to send me new ones but couldn't reach her. I looked at the clock and saw I had been working for 3 hours on just one cake already. I had more things to do. I worried if I couldn't get new fondant before noon, I wouldn't be able to finish all before sunset.

I took a break and went to the canteen to have late breakfast. As I was contemplating, I remembered two containers with label that said white cake covering sitting in my fridge for months. Another supplier sent them by mistake and nobody cared to return them.  I had no idea what it was but I remembered it was a white dough like stuff inside. I quickly finished my breakfast and ran back to the bakery and opened the container. I took a small piece, tasted it and was so relieved to find out it was fondant!  I ran to the main kitchen to use the microwave to soften the fondant. I mixed the softened fondant with the cracky one, knead it together and that fixed the problem. Thank God.

 The wedding color was gold and red. I wrapped a gold ribbon around the base and placed fondant beads around it.

The cake was decorated with fresh red roses.

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