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August 28, 2014

Just Married Wedding Cake Topper

Many wedding couples  would want a traditional wedding cake with fancy decorations. This red velvet cake iced with the classic American  butter cream in rustic style  was graced with just a bunting cake topper. Unlike the old school wedding cakes, this one was simple but unique. Perfect for a couple who wants to make a  statement with their cake.

My boss handed  the "Just Married" cake topper to me still sealed in a box. I carefully inspected the materials used and thought I could make it the next time someone wanted something similar.  I can use cloth or paper that match with the wedding theme. I can even personalize it. Good eh?

I don't have a nice picture of the cake. I edited one which I think was the best shot I managed to take. Time to buy a new battery for my camera. It does not take vivid  pictures anymore.

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  1. This is an interesting idea to make wedding cake with chocolate topping

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