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September 5, 2014

Visiting Lamai Walking Street

Wide selection of Thai noodles
Lamai Walking Street turns into a buzzing night market on Sunday. The place attracts foreign tourists and locals alike. Stalls selling variety of goods and food lined the streets. What I like most about it is the wide array of food choices. From Thai appetizers to desserts, the night market is the right place for a local food experience. If not in the mood for it or want to try something different, then a visitor can  have kebab,  pizzas and sausages at reasonable prices.

Here is a peek of what the place offers foodwise. I don't know the names of each dish. I just want you to have an idea what local food is like. Enjoy!


Pad Thai noodles

Fresh seafood

Colorful cotton candies

Chicken Kebab

Thai style barbecue

You will find a number of stall like this selling cheap cocktails.

A complete meal

Green papaya salad stall

Coconut ice cream stall

Pizza and sausages


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