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January 23, 2014

Mixed Berry Mousse

The pastry department is low on supplies. Bangkok shutdown is crippling hotel industry not just in the capital but in the whole country as well. It's a big annoyance having to deal with the effect of  protest that has been going on for many weeks now. I can do nothing about it. What I can do is be imaginative so I can make something that is satisfying. I am back to old recipes for the meantime. I hope it won't take ages before I get all my supplies as I am getting impatient. Big time.

I decided to give mixed berry mousse a go once more. The last time I made it was before Christmas. I think a month break is long enough. This time I topped it with  mixed berries for a nice touch.

I  whipped the cream with icing sugar, then fold it in in pureed mixed berry. I piped mousse into shot glasses. I spooned mixed berry on top. Done! Easy and quick. I did it in 15 minutes. You can do it too. So why not try this refreshing mousse?


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