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January 4, 2014

Christmas Dinner At Sala Thai Restaurant

I won a Sala Thai Restaurant dinner voucher worth Thai Baht 2000 at BR annual staff party in October last year. The voucher was valid until December 23. There's no other important event before Christmas so I figured why not  wait til holiday season.  Christmas is a big deal for me. Having a sumptuous meal makes  my Christmas celebration complete. With the amount I got I could have a feast. I took a  friend who loves Thai food. She and I went a couple days early though as we could only go when both of us were free from any engagements.

I made the booking a day in advanced. The restaurant is by a pond. There is a fountain in the middle of it. The table they reserved for us  was close to the water. We had the nicest view. So we thought.  The wind was blowing strong that night. We had to request to move us to another table when we started getting showered.

The restaurant is inside a resort surrounded by lush green gardens.  The plates and the napkin matched the surrounding. Here's how the restaurant table was set.

A waitress brought a complimentary fried fish tofu before meal.

Our server asked if we would care for some wine. Neither of us drink so we ordered fresh mixed fruit juice. I had mixed carrot and apple juice. My friend had mixed banana, pineapple and coconut juice. Yummy.
Carrot and apple juice; Banana, pineapple and coconut juice

We had vegetarian spring rolls and chicken galangal coconut soup as starters. I am more into creamy dishes so I would prefer it if they made the soup creamier. I still liked it.

Gloria and I  already acquired a habit of eating spring rolls before the main course. We liked that these spring rolls were stuffed with loads of filling. We could have eaten more of these!
Vegetarian spring rolls

The three dishes for our main course were served altogether.  Gloria loves chicken massaman curry so we ordered it. The chicken was tender but the potatoes were uncooked. I tried to bite a chunk and it felt like eating raw potatoes. I just zeroed in on the sauce and forgot the downside eventually

Here's my long time favorite - Chicken and cashew nut stir fry. I was smitten by  this dish when I first had it over a decade ago. I have eaten so many different versions over the years and I observed the changes in sauce. It is not as authentic these days. Anyway, I poured the sauce on the rice and ate it with cashew nut, just the way I like it.

Gloria and I both love fish so we  agreed to get sweet and sour fish. The  fillet was fried then arranged nicely on the plate with the head and tail. It did not disappoint. Nothing was left of it.

For dessert we shared pineapple fritters served with vanilla ice cream. That would be the first and last time we're having it.Coated pineapple is not our thing. It was something new to us so we decided to try it  but not again. It didn't taste right. Banana fritters are way better.

Here's to Christmas and New Year!

We took a stroll around the resort to get over the bloat of feast we had.

The resort's main restaurant.

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