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November 11, 2013

BR's Sport's Day and Annual Staff Party Outtakes

The staff of BR Resort gathered together for a day of fun, sports, music, food and laughter. The big day kicked off with a morning parade attended by most of the staff,  followed by a whole day of games with four teams competing  against each other.

Here's the yellow team getting ready for the parade.

The "queen" of the Orange Team sitting comfortably on her litter.

Male staff wearing traditional Thai clothing.

Players played their best amid soaring temperature. That's the spirit guys

The happenings continued well into dawn. We dressed up in our best white attire. Here's a friend (with a demi chef) in her full Japanese geisha wear.

The restaurant supervisor (second from left) wore a Starwars-inspired gown.

With the Residents Manager, Spa Manager, Guest Relations Manager, Restaurant Supervisor and Restaurant Manager.

With another demi chef.

Food and Beverage staff

Another pic of F & B staff

A staff dancing her heart out.

Combined departments

Housekeeping Department

Spa Department in their nursing attire.

Front Office Department performing a slow ballroom dance.

We took home the prize  for Best Show. Kudos to  Main Kitchen Department.

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