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November 4, 2013

A visit with German friends in Koh Samui

The next best thing for me to do is tour friends around. My German friend and his friend came to Thailand for a holiday. They toured Bangkok, the north, Phuket, Krabi, and finally Koh Samui. I wasn't expecting to see him in Samui since he had just visited the island few months back. When I got the email from him saying he and his friend had decided to come down here, I was so glad.

As the host, I wanted them to have as much fun as possible. The weather didn't permit it for the first two days though. We got lots of rain when they arrived. They were supposed to do island tour. Due to wet weather, they chose to stay and relax.

 For three nights they were here, I took them to three Thai restaurants I like - Mai Tai, Ninja Restaurant in Chaweng and Sabiengle. They both prefered the ambiance and food at Sabiengle amongst the three.

I have been to Ninja few times before. I had always wanted to write about my dining experiences but I kept delaying it.  I ate different dishes at every visit. The food at Ninja may not be the best in the whole island but it definitely has decent food at reasonable price. I took my friends there to try the fish. I had it with my friend Kath before and was smitten by it. Unfortunately that day they were out of stock. Bummer! I was kind of disappointed because the fish was the reason why I brought them there in the first place.  Pia loves curry so we ended up having two curry dishes. Both were good though. No regrets!

As starter, we shared papaya salad.

I ordered this fried rice noodles so the two could taste them. Being the noodle lover that I am,  I ate most of it. Haha! Sorry guys.
Pad See Eew (Fried rice noodles)

Beef and pumpkin curry. The sauce was good, the pumpkin was tender but I didn't have the meat.

Chicken pineapple curry. . I had more of this dish because this was a little less spicy than the other.

The restaurant is busy catering to foreign tourists everyday. We were glad we came early, otherwise we would have waited in a queue.

We were in Chaweng. The night was young. I didn't want them to miss Ark Bar so off we went to the famous resort/bar in the area after dinner at Ninja. Compared to last time, the place was more quiet.  Good time to chill out and enjoy conversation.

Pia so wanted to have some fish before going back to Germany. I was determined to fulfill her wishes. So on their last night here, I took my guests to the famous Sabiengle restaurant. I booked for a table right on the beach. We had beef salad and fried wonton to start with. For our main course, we ordered both deep fried white snapper. One was in chilly sauce, the other in fish sauce. The latter was served with shredded green mango. Oh lala. My favorite.

I was thankful the rain didn't ruin a nice evening. We enjoyed food and  watched the tide rolled in. To Pia and Patrick, thank you for the wonderful time I shared with you. Hope it won't be our last. Hugs and kisses from me.

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