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November 20, 2013

Breakfast Muesli Bread

The off-season is an opportune time for recipe testing. Less crowds means less demand.And less demand means more time to explore new things.  I did a few trial to test this muesli bread recipe. I lack the right ingredients so I resorted to using a mixture of different stuff. "A little bit of this and more of that" kind of experiment. It was a trial and error for days. In the end, I finally got  the texture  I was targeting. I served it at breakfast a couple weeks ago. When I collected the bread basket after breakfast, I was thrilled to see an empty container.The resort's occupancy at the time was the lowest this year. Only a handful of people came to eat. It only meant one thing. The bread must be so good. I was grinning inside.

I have been making it since. The recipe calls for apple juice.  I want to minimize the bakery's expenses so I use water in place of apple juice. I use a mixture of strong bread flour, wheat germ and wheat bran. I add muesli , some raisins, apricots and prunes. The verdict so far was good. I will stick to it for now.

Fresh from the oven

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