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November 18, 2013

Loy Krathong Festival 2013

It is this time of the year when Thai people  flock to a river, canal or pond to float their krathongs (floating boat or floating decoration) which symbolizes  letting go of anger, hatred and defilements. Many Thais, however,  use krathongs to thank the Water Goddess, Phra Mae Khongkha (WIKI). For others, it is a time to pay respect to Buddha and ask the Goddess for forgiveness  for polluting the rivers. As for me, this was a chance to take my mind off the heartbreaking situation in my country. Well, at least for a moment joining in the merrymaking did help.

So I was with two friends. We went to the main beach where locals and tourists alike gathered together to celebrate the festival. We brought our krathongs with us. We walked through a crowded walking street. Stalls selling food, drinks and floating decorations lined both sides of the streets. It was busy.

As the three of us walked through the crowded streets, I couldn't help but notice all the beautifully decorated krathongs on display.

Krathong is made using either bread, banana stalk or styrofoam. It is decorated with intricately-folded banana leaves, flowers, incense sticks and a candle.

Colored banana leaves  worthy of attention.

The floating boats shaped into a turtle and swan.

Heart and flower design

More designs
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A giant krathong was erected in the area.

Krathong made of bread

People waited for their turn to float their krathongs.

Floating krathongs

Look at all those krathongs! Happy Loy Krathong Festival to all!

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