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August 27, 2013

Bread Winner

I have started baking bread in full force. Two weeks have passed since I  laid my hands on  bread dough and yet I still feel intimidated in dealing with it. What I need to acquire to become proficient is the knowledge and technique of handling bread dough - from the kneading time, to resting, shaping, proofing and finally baking.

I consider myself beginner. The workshops I attended at the culinary school did not cover everything but they helped me in so many ways.  Going back to the time during my  first few weeks struggling  at my old job in Bangkok, (I was a pastry cook) it gives me hope. I keep reminding myself that everything starts from the beginning and all will be well eventually so I have nothing to worry about.

My priority is to make pastries and bread for breakfast, dinner rolls for ala carte dining and cakes for events like Sunday brunch, birthdays and weddings. I love what I do.  I can't wait until I reach the point when baking bread is as easy as counting one,two, three.

Dinner rolls

I wish I had plenty of time to share the recipes I tried, tested and adapted.  I have my hands full at the moment. I work longggg hours because no one can take over when I'm out. Perhaps one day, when I am able. Stay tuned!

Rustic bread

Here's my pain de mie (pullman loaf). I am working on learning how to use bread pan lid so I can have a flat top and not dome like this.

White bread

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