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August 21, 2013

Strawberry Cheesecake for the Wedding Couple

There's a lot of weddings going on at the resort. Just yesterday, I was requested to make strawberry cheesecake for a wedding couple. I had yet to prove the owner and the residents manager I could do cakes. Here was my chance.

After I assembled the cheesecake, I thought it looked too plain for an important event like a wedding. To make the cake look nicer I masked it with chantilly cream (whipped cream). I used the leaf piping tip  to conceal the side of the cake, a small star piping tip to make the rosette decoration on the top and the base. I dab a little bit of jam on every other rossette. I then poured a strawberry filling on top.

I made a miniature cheesecake for the owner and the residents manager to try. I was glad I did the right thing. They were both happy and satisfied with the taste. They asked to make them for Sunday Brunch. Ah!. I hope I have enough time to make the pastries and bread on Sunday!

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