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August 16, 2013

My Baking Saga Begins Anew

Muffin Trio: Clockwise: cheddar and black pepper muffin, mocha muffin and carrot-wheat germ muffin

The long wait is over. I have finally found a place where I can utilize my baking skills. This week I did some trial baking. I let the resident manager and staff  be the judges and asked their honest opinion about my baked goodies So far only two recipes failed. Some staff gave suggestions. I was happy to hear feedback so I could improve the taste and look of the things I make.

Anyway, this week was pretty hectic. I made muffin, bread and pastry selection. As for the muffin, the carrot -wheat germ was everyone's favorite. 

Sweet and savory muffin

I made the pastries by hand. They turned out flaky and buttery. They were worth the effort. One thing that went wrong here was the egg wash coating. They should have uniform color. It was only my fourth attempt since my culinary days so I was quite happy how they turned out.

Look at those layers! 

As for the baguette, I made the same mistake in shaping as I did back in my Boulangerie class (bread making class).  I found out the seam was on the side after I took them out of the oven.  I really need to get this right.

Dinner rolls are easy to shape. I made the classic white dinner rolls and made a second batch using whole wheat flour. The latter tasted a lot better. It also had a nice crust. Good with soup during rainy days.

The resort's bakery has just opened so ingredients are not readily available.  I had to make a little tweak in the recipe using the few I got from different shops (Many thanks to Stuart for driving me around even during a downpour). They turned out gorgeous and delish!

Whole wheat dinner rolls

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