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April 15, 2012

Vietnam Revisited - Reunification Palace

We continued our walk down Nam Ky Khoi NgHia to the old  Reunification Palace, home and workplace of South Vietnam's President during the war. The palace was the site of Saigon's downfall that lead to the end of Vietnam War.

The Banquet Room

Reception Room

 First Lady's Reception Room

 View from the balcony

Our next stop was Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre for the much awaited water puppet show. The show started at 5:30 pm and lasted about 50 minutes. The show's themes were deeply rooted in customs and traditions of the rural people.

Songs played during the show were accompanied by Vietnamese folk instruments.

The puppeteers  standing in waist deep water were manipulating the puppets behind the bamboo screen. At first I thought the puppets were mechanically-operated but at the end of the show, these men appeared from behind the screen and bowed before the audience. Great work, guys!

As promised, my sis and I took our friend to our favorite Vietnamese fast food restaurant. We ordered the same dishes we had last Christmas, samosa and fresh spring rolls.

We then took a cab to Ben Than night market and found the area packed. We had discovered an open air restaurant along the same road where the market was located. We so wanted to try  their dishes but we had too much to eat at supper.

Orange fish?????

Coffee production is huge in Vietnam and has been a major source of income for its people.Wherever you turn, its coffee houses  you see.

Night market

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