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April 16, 2012

Vietnam Revisited - Mekong Delta

On the second day of our Vietnam adventure, we set out to explore  the neighboring provinces of Tien Giang and Ben Tre.

The boat sailed across the Mekong Delta where we saw  four islands namely Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise and Phoenix. We also spotted fishing village and  pagoda.

Fishing Village

We stopped by a coconut candy factory located  in the jungle. Here we found local people making sweets.

The coconut was grated and the milk  extracted.

The milk was  boiled for hours.

When the mixture thickened,  it was mixed with pandan extract and left to set. After it had set, it was cut in squares and packed.

As we went deep into the woods, we found this woman making rice paper crepe. We stopped for a few minutes to savor her earthly delights

We crossed the bridge and hopped on horse-drawn carriage  ride to see our next destination.

Villagers welcomed us with fresh fruit and Vietnamese tea. After too much walking, it was good to finally get some rest,food  and entertainment.

The highlight of the trip was rowing our boat through the canals.

Row, row, row, your boat gently down the canal.

I wasn't doing my part.

After my photo shoot, we headed out to a restaurant for lunch.

With our kababayans.

Making fish spring rolls.

One group shot before proceeding to the last part of our Mekong trip.

Vinh Trang Ancient Temple in My Tho, Tien Giang Province

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