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April 26, 2012

USA Fair 2012 and the late Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda's Royal Crematorium

I attended the recently held USA Fair at Central World. The fair showcased the best of US products and services. There were also games  and contests for visitors with a chance to win free flight to US aboard United!

Hungry on our way back from the crematorium site we visited earlier  (scroll down for photos), Joy and I decided to have a decent meal. We arrived at Central World for the USA Fair  and greeted by Sunrise Tacos. Just imagining the crunchy tacos and the savory filling  made me drool but we wanted to go to a restaurant where we could slouch lazily, relax our tired feet and be attended to.

 I have always had a  weakness for  anything that has to do about home and family. I take after my mother when it comes to homemaking. When I saw Martha Stewart's booth, it was like a magnet pulling me with all its power.Went through stash of cookbooks and found them all in Thai. Bummer.

 We did a bit of shopping for products that were half off.

Right before going to USA Fair, my cousin and I took a quick detour to see the site of Thailand's late Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda's royal crematorium on Sanam Luang, just across from the Grand Palace.
It was a fascinating sight worth a detour.


The royal funeral pyre.

 A closer look of the royal funeral pyre which was dismantled 5 days after our visit.

The pyre was guarded by sculptures of  Thailand's  mythical creatures.


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