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April 4, 2012

The Fifth Thailand Bakery, Coffee and SME Fair 2012 and The 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show

As I was reading the local paper last week, an  advertisement for Thailand Bakery, Ice Cream, Coffee, Tea and Drinks Fair caught my eye. I have a thing about trade fairs and exhibitions so I'm not one to miss it. The show is Thailand's biggest event on bakery and ice cream sector and now in its fifth year. It will be to my advantage to attend the event as I will have the opportunity to meet my fellow industry professionals, agents and distributors of bakery products, and keep up to date with the latest technology and developments in the pastry arts industry.

Entrance to the fair

My expectations for the show were high after attending Thailand's Food and Hotel Event two times. FHE introduces hundreds of local and international companies in the food and hospitality industry..  The bakery fair was a far cry from what I had anticipated..There were few exhibitors in my field. Most products they launched and services they  provided were in beverage sector. Although the event did not meet my expectations, I was glad I met  people working in the same field as me.

Kerry Flour Mills Company

Coffee machine

This suits Naung's barista brother. I don't think I can ever spend 230,000 Baht on a coffee machine

I got all these flavored syrup in 50 ml bottles for free.

Compound chocolate


One thing I like about trade fairs and exhibitions in Thailand is how the organizers hold many at the same time and  in one venue. My friend and I took advantage of the chance to see the 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show. Boy, it blew me off my feet.

Mercedes - Benz was frequented by many.

Loved the BMW

Rolls-Royce was off-limits to general public

After seeing all the cool cars and motorcycles I look forward to the next motor show.

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