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May 11, 2015

More Elaborate Fruit Arrangement

Our new demi chef de partie exhibited another complex fruit arrangement for brunch. The fruit's bright colors reflected the sunny tropics of the resort island. Her work has been the highlight of the dessert room and is wowing not just the staff but the  guests as well.

The fruit balls were placed in a small saucer this time. I prefer this presentation as it made the fruit easy to grab. The small portions were also kid-friendly.

I had a little chat with her about her carving skills. She has been doing it for five years so carving is just a piece of cake for her. This watermelon centerpiece  took her 15 minutes to carve. Amazing!

Small carving like this papaya took her 8-10 minutes.

Looking at all her creations makes me want to learn it and do it professionally.  If only I could find a cheap school. Last time I checked, each course costs Thai Baht 2,500  (about $80). That is just one of the four courses in Beginner's Class.

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