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May 28, 2015

A Beautiful Fruit Arrangement

This gorgeous fruit arrangement is truly eye-catching! The vibrant colors and the fruit display give life to the ordinary dessert table. Anyone who visits  the "cold room" is mesmerized by it.  The lady in-charge deserves an applause for a job well done which is why I decided to feature her work on here.  Nobody can do fruit plating as beautiful and elaborate as she can.

Her passion and the effort she put on all her creations are reflected in the intricately carved fruit like the cantaloupe pictured below.

She also adds variety to the fruit tray by making cute and simple designs. The shape of red watermelon, yellow watermelon, pineapple, dragon fruit, cantaloupe, passion fruit and papaya create a nice touch to the fruit display.

This newest addition is another highlight of the dessert table.

The cold room (aka. Dessert room) is becoming more and more appealing to the guests with all this excellent fruit arrangement.

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