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March 13, 2015

Pizza Margheritta At The Kitchn

Margheritta is my all time favorite pizza. There was a time during the busy season when all I could think of was pizza.  I longed for the time when I could take Friday off as it's the only day I could visit Central Festival. Since the mall's opening in March last year, it has become my favorite hang out place on the island. Not that I go shopping every time I take a trip there but the mall has many dining options. One of my favorites is The Kitchn, located  on the ground floor of Central Festival.  The restaurant is now my go-to place for pasta and pizza.

Fast forward to the first Friday when I was finally able to dine at The Kitchn once more. I ordered a large pizza. The waiter asked me if I wanted something else. No. I said. All I wanted was the margheritta and yes  a drink. Before he took off, I managed to ask for pineapple smoothie .A refreshingly cool drink was just I needed after a long walk around Central.

I was one of the few who came early to the restaurant. I didn't have to wait long for my pizza to arrive but the few minutes of waiting seemed like forever.  I quickly grabbed a piece as soon as it was served.. The thin crust was charred in the edges making it crunchy while the middle was chewy.  It's the first time I had pizza all for myself and I liked it.  I just couldn't stop. I finished it all up before I even drank up the smoothie. What a treat!

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