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March 3, 2015

Coffee Club On Chinese New Year

My post-Chinese New Year dinner was nothing short of extravagant in comparison with the dishes I partook during the Chinese festivities.  I am not Chinese. The holiday became an important time for me when I lived in China. I learned to adapt the practice of celebrating with a dinner feast.  I have long since left China but I still keep the practice. So on my time off, I took the chance to celebrate the occasion. It's not something traditional. I still haven't found the place where I could get a proper Chinese meal. Oh well, who cares? All that mattered to me was to join in the celebration.

While walking around my favorite hang out place, I spotted  Coffee Club and decided  to see what other creations it offers.I have only been there once before with my friend Saki. It was one of the places she loved to hang out, eat and drink coffee while she was here.  I  had light snack and iced lemon tea that day I went with Saki. That was about the extent of my dining experience at Coffee Club. This time, I went back to indulge myself in other creation.

Saki has tried many of Coffee Club's menu. Too bad she's not with me to give her recommendations. It took me a while to decide what to get but the food was worth the wait.

For a refreshing drink, I went for passion fruit iced tea.  I liked that it wasn't too sourish, just a hint of the fruit in every sip.

I decided to go for salmon in mustard sauce. It was  served with mashed potatoes and  buttered vegetables.

The veggies were tender but still crunchy. I don't eat skin in general but this salmon skin was to die for. It was rightly seasoned and it was oh so crispy.

Even without the authentic Chinese dish, I got to treat myself with a good meal on Lunar New Year.

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