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February 8, 2015

Lilly's Pink Cake

Vanilla chiffon  is my go to cake when I am asked to make a birthday cake.   It's easy to prepare. No greasing of pans necessary and bakes quick - a must for a busy baker like me. I love that it's light and fluffy too.

Here's what I made for a young guest on her birthday. I managed to pull it off the last minute. I got confused thinking this girl and the girl  who wanted cupcakes (its in my next post)  were the same. Why pink? Well,  I thought the color would suit her best.

I didn't do much with decoration. I made it simple. I was running late and I was still needed at the dessert room. I scrambled through my bag for the star piping tip and hurriedly piped the roses around the cake. It took me three attempts before I got it right. I hurriedly wrote the inscription and got it ready for serving. I sure had hoped Lilly and her girlfriends liked it. Judging by the commotion when a colleague brought it to their table, I bet they did.

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