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February 11, 2015

Pink Cupcakes

The birthday girl loves pink. Her mother asked if I could make her daughter cupcake instead of cake. She wanted pink frosting. The thought of it got me excited. I could finally make a different treat this time. It was ages ago when I baked my last.

I've done vanilla cupcakes countless times for our nightly treats (See my vanilla cupcake topped with sliced almonds for the recipe).It is a real crowd-pleaser. I can't go wrong with it. It is something I know so well. So I went for vanilla cupcake and it did not disappoint.

I used the classic American butter cream this time. It didn't require cooking and whipped up fast. I used three piping nozzles for the decorations. The round tip and the small and big star tip. For garnish, I opted for M&Ms, sprinkles and  chocolate chips. I served them in a one big square dish.

I gave my all and went beyond the girl's expectations and it worked. The cupcakes got rave reviews. It made me happy.

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