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October 8, 2014

Vegetarian Thali

A perfect day out for me starts with a morning  stroll by the ocean, followed by a massage and ends with a lovely meal which is always the highlight of my day. Two weeks ago, I treated myself again to a hearty lunch. I ditched pasta this time to satisfy my cravings for Indian food. I tried Noori India at Central Festival Mall Food Plaza and it really hit the spot.

Noori offers all my favorite Indian dishes, from chicken tika masala to biryani. I tried their vegetarian set meal called thali and  I was immediately smitten. The spices  were well balanced. The  hotness was tolerable. I've had similar dishes before. They were good but a little too rich for me.  I prefer Noori's as they were not overwhelming at all. I have yet to try other dishes.  Well, that is something I look forward to.

Thali, which also means plate in Hindi, is a meal made up of various dishes. My thali came with naan bread, rice, raita, dal, and two other dishes.

Raita is a  condiment  made from yoghurt which counteracts the heat of spicy food. Bottom left is matar paneer, a dish which consists of  cheese and green peas  in tomato based sauce.Bottom middle is lentil soup called dal, bottom right is  aloo gobi, a  dish made with cauliflower and potatoes.The meal also came with a sweet dumpling called gulab jamun . According to WIKI, the dessert is made mainly with milk solids.  The meal was glorious that I ate up everything except for dessert. I couldn't finish it anymore.

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