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October 22, 2014

Korean Nami Restaurant

The first time I had Korean dish  was back in college. No, I did not go to Korea for my degree. I had classmates who came all the way from Korea to do their studies in the university I attended. It was them who introduced me to their cuisine. Kamsahamnida guys!

That first encounter with an unfamiliar dish was a unique but odd experience. I'd felt  a burst of different flavors  which I could not analyze. Honestly, it was not a love at first bite. I wanted to appreciate the new flavors I came to know.  I thought if I could  have a little portion every time I go to potlucks with my Korean friends, my taste buds would learn to adjust in no time. So they did . As I grow older  I found myself fascinated with Korean cuisine.  And that was how my love affair with Korean food started.
A few days past, I was walking to Crystal Beach with a friend when we spotted Nami Korean Restaurant. I was thinking we would probably get dinner at the resort as it was nearing sundown. Right then, she suddenly announced she wanted to try the restaurant. I have been there once with another friend. I took my camera with me  but the quality of the pictures was not worthy of blogging. Eating at the restaurant once again would be to my advantage. I could take better shots this time. I obliged.

The last time I was there I ordered bulgogi jungol. I'd been wanting to try their ramyun (instant noodles) for so long after seeing  Korean dramas.  I know it's not the kind of food I should be eating if I want to eat healthy but my mouth watered just with the thought of it. I wanted to satisfy my desire for this warm and flavorful broth.

Thai Baht 180

On my recommendation, my friend ordered bulgogi. It's a stew made with marinated beef, vegetables, tofu and glass noodles. Judging by the smile on her face, I knew she liked it. I did too.

Thai Baht 300

As always, a Korean meal won't be complete with out  banchan or side dish. The side dishes I had on my first visit were different from the ones I had eaten recently.
Many banchans are pickled vegetables. They definitely complement a good meal.

Fish sausage 

Anchovies and pickled cucumber

Pickled radish

I had no idea what this is

Both dishes are served with a bowl of rice. I couldn't believe we ate it all.  It was a satisfying meal.

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