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October 26, 2014

Amici On My Birthday

What better way to spend my birthday than having Italian food at the restaurant I have been meaning to try? I got a surprise birthday treat from a friend. She and I went to celebrate at the newest Italian restaurant called Amici located behind Bei Otto German restaurant,  just across from Central Festival Mall in Chaweng. She has been there once before and she highly recommended  the food. Since it's my birthday,  I think it's time I try it for myself.

After some long and thoughtful consideration, we agreed to get pizza but skip the pasta that we normally order when we eat out.  We went for funghi pizza this time and we were smitten. It had crispy crust but soft and chewy middle, a far cry from the pizzas I had before.

My friend and I were discussing whether to order lasagna or gnocchi.   I've eaten a fair share of lasagna over the years. I've had gnocchi for the first time just recently. I wanted to try it more so I said yes for the latter. It was served with basil butter sauce. It was delicious.

We were just at Starbucks before going to Amici so we didn't order any special drinks.We couldn't  even finish our water because we were too full. The food was amazing and so as the complimentary bread. I can't wait to go back.

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