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August 10, 2014


Remember the pink vanilla cake I made for a female regular guest at the resort a couple weeks back? Here's the blue version made for a male guest. It was simple. All I did was tint the Swiss meringue butter cream with blue and frosted the cake with it.  I was actually going to add more decorative piping on top, sides and base  but I was needed to oversee the dessert buffet at the cold room. People started flocking to  where the  salads, appetizers and desserts are.  Couldn't blame them. It's in the middle of the day and the temperature was soaring. The only place where they could get a little comfort was in the cold room.

I knew time was running out.The resort's hostess might be coming anytime to take the cake so I just couldn't  leave a cake half done. I  hurriedly finished with the icing. For the top, I ran a triangle pastry scraper with serrated edge. That made a little difference. I thought it was  boring with just  plain butter cream. Why not stick sliced almonds? I thought. It might help. And so I did.  I would say it gave the cake a better look.  I also  did the  inscription fast. Once done, I placed the cake on a square serving plate. I put the cake back to the fridge and ran to help the understaffed cold room.

I wished I had more time to spend on this cake. I could have decorated it so much better. But juggling between the cold room duties and bakery work made it impossible.

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