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August 17, 2014

Gloria's Farewell Meal

A Chinese friend of mine left Thailand to pursue further education. Before she left, she and I went to Will Wait Restaurant in Chaweng for one last meal together. There was nothing fancy about the meal. I had just eaten lunch. Her flight to Bangkok was not even til 9 pm. We were in Chaweng too early so getting a light snack would be a great idea to pass the time. Some may wonder why went for Thai. Well, she was leaving and it might take a while before she could have Thai food once again.

It was a quick gathering. She ordered Thai milk tea, a drink we both favor. And for one last time she had som tam (a salad made from shredded green papaya). She'd been craving for it a couple weeks prior to her leaving the island. I watched her smile as she savored the flavor of Thailand's most popular salad.

Thai milk tea

Som tam

I could have ordered the same drink as hers but that would affect my sleep. I settled for a healthy drink instead. I had watermelon juice. All fresh and natural.

I wasn't hungry but I figured it might be too late for me to have my dinner after I got back from the airport. I asked the waiter to bring me a small serving of vegetarian Phad Thai. I doubted I could finish it. Gloria had a bite or two. She couldn't eat more than that as she was enjoying her salad.
I loved the veggies and tofu. I ate them all up but left the noodles as they were a bit hard.
Phad Thai

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