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March 23, 2014

A Meal That Fell Short of My Expectations

I had the privilege to visit Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan with a friend and some wealthy Chinese she was touring around. All expenses  were shouldered by her guests. What a blessing!  We didn't bring any sustenance as we were told there were a couple restaurants on the island. While my friend, a female guest and I enjoyed the first few hours partying on the boat, the others went into the water to do some snorkeling. Lunch time came we were all famished! The captain of the boat they rented was kind enough to give us 2 options. We could eat on the island or tour the next island first, then food later on the way back to Samui. We all agreed to have our lunch first. He drove us to a decent looking restaurant. I anticipated to eat something nice on that trip.  The restaurant only has set menu and with a fixed price. When I looked at the menu, I knew exactly what I would get.

The restaurant was built upon a huge rock on a hill giving it a panoramic view of the ocean. While we were waiting for our orders, I took pleasure in God's wonderful creation. I walked around and snapped away.

A closer view.

The inside of the restaurant

View  from the restaurant

Chicken fried rice with fried chicken was a hit among Chinese guests. I didn't taste it but they said it was good. Well at least now I know what to order the next time I visit Koh Tao.

I had Chicken massaman curry. I was so disappointed in how it was cooked.The sauce was  thin. I could barely  taste the massaman flavour.  I only had muesli  for breakfast. I was starving so it helped ease my gurgling tummy.

Another letdown was this green curry my friend ordered for herself. She loves green curry and always eats it whenever we dine out so I trust her judgment.  I thought my massaman curry was bad but hers was worse. It was  watery  and had no hint of green curry at all. Poor her.

At the end of the trip, I realized that meeting new friends, being out in the ocean  and having a break from my monotonous life were all that mattered.

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