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March 19, 2014

Miniature Chocolate Fudge Cups

I gave chocolate fudge another shot and I was more satisfied with the result. I used the same recipe as the one I made many weeks back (see my old post). Getting the chocolate fudge bars out of the aluminum tray wasn't an easy task. That's one thing I remembered from last time. I wrestled with  the chocolate fudge for an ample amount of time before I could even take one out without ruining its shape. The delay set me back so  I ended up gathering the mixture into one  mass and rolled them into balls.  To avoid similar scenario, I put the chocolate fudge into mini muffin liners. No sweat.  To make it extra special, I garnished the top with mixed candied peel . They turned out the way I expected - cute and appealing!

The colorful mixed candied peels made the chocolate fudge more festive.


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