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March 14, 2014

How I Wish...

I have long been interested to learn fruit and vegetable carving. I learned the basics when I was doing a three-month training stint at a hotel in Bangkok. Towards the end of my training,  a colleague took me to a vocational school which offers short courses on carving. I was willing to invest money and time once again but I was told classes are conducted in Thai language. How disappointing!

Since I moved to a resort island in southern Thailand to work, I see more intricate form and shapes of  fruit and vegetable carvings every so often. Like this bird carved out of a carrot. It was used as the centerpiece at a wedding party at the resort. I wish I had the skills, patience and time to sculpt such stunning work of art.

Top view

The name of the bride and groom were carved in this papaya. Nice eh?

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