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September 15, 2013

Whole Wheat Bread

I have tried several version of whole wheat bread  and this one stood out among others. I adapted it from  Dutch whole wheat bread called Volkorenbrood. It became my  trusted recipe and have used it since.

I used a mixture of wheat flour, Imperial whole wheat mixed flour and wheat germ. It's surprising how the combination of the three makes a delicious, good textured whole wheat bread.
The dough becomes supple after kneading. The dough is allowed to rise two times at thirty to  forty five minutes at room temperature before shaping and final proofing.

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The dough is then shaped and allowed to proof for another 30 minutes. (Note: To get a good crust, wet the work surface with water)

The oven is preheated at 220 degrees C. The temperature is then reduced to 200 degrees C before the bread is placed inside. Baking time is 30-40 minutes or until the bread sounds hollow when you knock on it.

The bread is allowed to cool in a wire rack before slicing.

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