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September 4, 2013

Danish Envelopes, Pinwheels and Cinnamon Rolls

There was a  time when making pastries scared the life out of me. I still recall the struggles I faced when I encased the  butter in  dough. That was so long ago. Now, making croissants and Danish pastries has become my stress reliever. That's something I look forward to doing when I go to work. I am in a world of my own once I start working with pastries. When I see them double in size and finally smell the rich buttery aroma that fills the bakery, I feel my mission for the day is accomplished :)

Croissant dough is suitable  to make Danish pastries. I just double the  recipe good for a day's supply of croissants, pain au chocolat and pastries. Easy.  I use fillings like jams, raisins, pastry cream and butter cream.

Cinnamon rolls with butter cream and raisins

Danish envelope with blueberry jam.

Pinwheels with blueberry jam

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