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July 28, 2013

Beach Republic Restaurant - Lamai, Koh Samui

On the girls' last day in Samui we headed to Beach Republic in Lamai. It was the girls' first but my third visit to the resort. I was there a few weeks back to see the son of  a family friend who works as the Director of Sales. This time, it was them meeting for the first time.

The resort charges outside guests Thai Baht 1,000 per person. The price includes the use of all the resort's facilities, food and drinks. The girls were in their swimming attire and they badly wanted to go swimming so they didn't mind paying.  I had to rush back to work so I only stayed for a couple hours.

Before they  plunged into the  pool, we had early lunch. We ordered drinks that we had never tasted nor heard before. I don't remember the names but mine had the best taste.

My order

Carrot detox whatever drink

I'm a pasta person so I ordered spaghetti pomodoro. It came with a large garlic bread on the side. The bread was perfectly toasted.

My cousin J ordered spaghetti aglio  e olio. Like mine, it also had a large garlic bread on the side  but hers was way too hard she couldn't even bite it.

My friend M, who is a salmon lover, surprised me when she insisted we take her oven roasted salmon. I then learned  she was cutting down her meat consumption. Good for her. I took a piece of the fish, ate it and took a bigger piece. Whoever cooked it did a wonderful job. The fish was crispy but moist.

My vegetarian/pescetarian sister had vegetarian burger. I didn't know how it tasted but M said the burgers my sister makes were a lot better than this.

They spent all afternoon on the beach. When I met them again late in the evening, they told me the resort didn't charge them full price. They only paid for the food and drinks they ordered.Cool.  It must be our friend's son doing.

All they did for four days in Samui was eat and shop. According to them, Le Cabanon Restaurant in Bophut is still the best of all the restaurants in Samui they had gone to.

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