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July 17, 2013

Fisherman's Village - Bophut, Koh Samui

The big sign. You won't miss it.

My sister came down to Koh Samui with my cousin and a friend in tow. No words could describe my excitement and happiness when I saw them for the first time in three months. Yeah. Three months was not a long time but given our closeness, it seemed forever.

They were here for only four days so I made sure they maximized the short time they had. I took them to Fisherman's Village in Bophut . On Fridays the place is transformed into a walking street. It was Monday when we went. The area was quiet. Such a perfect time to catch up with everyone and enjoy dinner.

We arrived early. We  hoped to see sunset. We waited.  Due to monsoon, dark clouds did not allow the sunlight through.

It did but only for a few minutes.

We walked about a mile long. Restaurants are lined along the beach front.

We then walked along main street when we reached Bophut pier. We saw more restaurants and shops. We found a nice French restaurant called Le Cabanon. I'll write about it in a different post.

A week later, I went with some friends to have dinner in Bophut. We  walked past Fisherman's Village. The scene was  far from what I had experienced a week early. I snapped away at all the food I saw.

This guy was selling roasted chicken


Burritos. Yum Yum

Chicken BBQ

Thai appetizers

Cocktails were sold for Thai Baht 50. That was cheap. I wonder what they put inside

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