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July 22, 2013

Ice Bar - Chaweng, Koh Samui

We were all bundled up

I am a people person. Everywhere I go I meet different kinds of people. My trip to Malaysia in May this year has lengthen the list of my new friends. One of them whom I gotten close to is the PR Manager of Ice Bar Koh Samui.

I 'd been planning my visit to Ice Bar for a while. I had to cancel it a few times  because there was always something that would prevent me from going.  My work at the resort is unpredictable.  If something comes up and my service is needed, I have to stay. Well, the girls were visiting so I thought it would be nice if they experience the arctic feeling at Ice Bar. It's also my chance to see it for myself.

Ice Bar is located in Chaweng. There are three areas where you can sip your drinks. The garden has small huts where you can sit leisurely. The air-conditioned lounge with tools and a big couch. If you are down for an adventure, then the ice bar with sub-zero temperature is the place for you.

The bar made of ice

I had lived in an arctic like city in China for a year. The city is next to Russia. The winter was long and bitter cold. The temperature could get to  - 45 degrees Celsius. Ice Bar was nothing compared to that. I was excited for the girls because being in a - 7 degrees Celcius place  was a new experience. Before we went in the staff provided us cape, furry hats and gloves to keep us warm.

Some of their famed cocktails

Look at all those colors

The ice bar itself was small. There were a few ice sculptures like tuk tuk, naga dragon and was it a Thai lady?

We couldn't stand being inside for a long time. After the Kodak moments, we left. We had drinks at the lounge bar.

I ordered Virgin Pina colada

My friend's order; Johnny Walker and coke

My cousin's order : Cafe latte. Behind it was my sister's hot tea

We all had fun. Actually, we could go back in if we wanted to. The girls had seen and experienced enough of it. We left after we finished our drinks. The night was young so we decided to spend the rest of the evening at Chaweng's Walking street.

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