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March 1, 2013

Getting the hang of making fruit tarts

I had no basic knowledge of  fruit tart before going to pastry school. I learned making it from scratch during my basic course at the culinary school.  I dealt with it apprehensively. From making the pastry crust to arranging the fruit on top, I felt overwhelmingly scared. I think it was because I wanted to have a nice looking fruit tart to present to the chef at practical but my tart fell short of his expectations most of the times. Whenever he saw my being unhappy with the result and grading, he would tap my shoulder and say I'd be able to make perfect fruit tarts eventually. But ONLY if I practice often.

It has been three years since I made my last fruit tart at the culinary school. I did not bother to make it at home. These past weeks I have been assigned to assist the pastry chef.  When I was requested to make fruit tarts for parties and coffee break, I felt the same feeling I had before. Through the pastry chef's patience and guidance, I was able to make a nice product from start to finish! I have been making them without his help. Woo hoo!

This fruit tart has a sweet pastry crust. I filled it with almond cream on the bottom and put a layer of vanilla cream on top. I topped it with pear, peach, strawberry, kiwi and other fruit. I glazed the fruit with apricot gel.


Other fruit tarts with custard filling.

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