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March 11, 2013

Siam Niramit

March is a busy month for me. Since I came back from  Laos, I had been planning the trip of some relatives-in-law to Thailand. As their tour guide I want to make sure they get the best experience of their visit to the Land of Smiles. On the day they arrived, I took them to Siam Niramit. It is one of the big budget stage productions in the world showcasing the arts and culture of Thailand.

I booked through a travel agency. Each of us paid Thai Baht 1700 ( $50-60) which include the  cultural show and buffet dinner. Dinner is optional.
The compound of Siam Niramit has Ratchada theater, a miniature Thai village where visitors can learn how Thai people used to live in different parts of the country, Sawasdee Restaurant where guests can enjoy Thai and international buffet dinner, and souvenir shop.

Salad Bar

Thai appetizers


European Food

Thai and Chinese Food

Thai Green Papaya Salad

Pasta section

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It's a buffet dinner and there's plenty of dishes to try but I didn't get enough time to really enjoy the food. I arrived at Siam Niramit past 5.  I could have stayed longer  but there's the show that I must see.

Before the main show started, there was some court yard entertainment. During the show, guests were invited to join in in singing and dancing.
A Kinnari dancing

Visitors at Siam Niramit can take pictures with performers just like we did here.

We strolled around the miniature Thai village after the show.

We were at the Thai village when we heard the announcement that the main show would start. We sprinted into the entrance and had our cameras collected.

Taking photos and videos are not allowed inside the theater so forgive me if I don't have anything to share. The show runs for 80 minutes. It consists of three parts : Journey Back Into History, Journey Beyond Imagination and Journey Through Festivals. For those of you coming to Thailand and want to learn about one of the most interesting countries in Asia, come to Siam Niramit.

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