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October 21, 2012

Thailand Vegetarian Festival 2012

Thailand's ten-day vegetarian festival  kicked off with culinary extravaganza in many areas in Bangkok like China Town, Platinum Mall and The Mall Bangkapi. The festival  is widely observed across the nation especially by  Thai- Chinese population. Last week, I dropped by Platinum Mall on the way home.  I didn't want to miss out on the fun so I took a few moments to join in the celebration.  My eyes and nose feasted on the wide array of extremely tempting vegetarian dishes they offer.

A stall of Thai vegetarian dishes. A bowl of each dish costs 40 Baht.

 Sweet and sour soy protein with pineapple and capsicum

 Stir-fried tofu  with mushroom, carrots and Chinese Cabbage

 Vegetarian fish ball with Thai eggplant

Spicy string beans with soy protein

Noodles and sauces

 Thai salads

Pile of Thai noodles

 Spicy sauce

 More vegetarian dishes

Thai rice desserts

Vegetarian Festival at The Mall where we had lunch Friday.

 Fresh veggies

Thai dessert filling/topping

 Thai rice dessert? (not sure about these)

Vegetarian Thai steamed fish cake (Ha Mok Pla)

Thai fried rice

Man stir- frying noodles

 Thai braised cabbage

 Thai pastry

 Thai Chestnut Dessert (Tub Tim Grob)

These two men are pounding peanut brittle, a mixture of peanut, sugar and a bit of salt. During the process , the peanut brittle is folded onto itself repeatedly until it achieves the phyllo-like texture. The snack is called khanom tup tap.


Vegetarian steamed buns

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