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October 18, 2012

Jaeng's Birthday Dinner at Aroi NaeNon

Thai cuisine can be classified into four different types- the Northern and Northeast (Isan), Central and Southern cuisine. Food and cooking techniques from these four regions are influenced by the neighboring countries and regions.

Isan Food is the most popular among those regional cuisine. It is also my favorite. My colleagues are all from the Northern region of Thailand. We literally eat Isan food three to four times a week. They are amazed at how well  my stomach has adapted to Isan food.

Last night, I was invited to a birthday dinner of a friend. It's not her birthday til tomorrow but we had an early celebration as she's going back to her hometown in Chiang Mai for the school break. She took us to Aroi Nae non (Surely Delicious) on Ladprao 1. Guess what we had? Isan food!! Everyone was happy.

I could have ordered different dish if this menu were not in Thai. I hope they make English menu.

The Menu

Grilled Tab Tim Fish came with greens and 2 dipping sauces; peanut and spicy fish sauce. How to eat this? Wrap the fish and sen lek (small noodle) in lettuce and dip in whatever sauce you prefer.

Fanta Red ( Fanta See Daeng) to drink

 I love nam tok. Too bad the restaurant's version of Nua Nam Tok (Spicy Grilled Beef Salad) lacked the right texture and flavor I'm looking for.

Corn somtam with salted egg.

 Papaya somtam is probably everyone's favorite in Thailand.

Fried fish served with mango sauce. It was so crispy I could even eat the bones.

 Look at all those food.

 We all enjoyed the meal. Thanks Jaeng for taking us to Aroi NaeNon. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

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