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October 26, 2012

My Birthday Dinner at Pizzeria Limoncello on Sukhumvit 11

This is a delayed post. I had been meaning to post this since yesterday but I couldn't as I was busy. Friends are in Bangkok for a conference. I went to meet them at their hotel last night and came home really late. Today is their last day in the country. They wanted to buy  gifts for family and friends back home. Since it's my day-off  I volunteered to take them shopping.

My birthday was on Tuesday.  I had nothing special planned. Originally, my plan was to host dinner at home. I have been working overtime since the supervisor resigned. (No, I am not the replacement but we have more work now that we have less staff). I have been making a lot of orders. In fact I  worked 6 days the week before to make the cakes a friend ordered.  A break from laborious work was all I needed -even for just one day-  so I cancelled my initial plan. Besides, it's my birthday so I deserve to relax.

To mark my birthday, I took my sister and friends to  Italian Pizzeria on Sukhumvit 11. I had been there once with my friends from Le Cordon Bleu. I liked the place and I was satisfied with the food. I'd been telling the girls about it but we kept delaying our plan to have a meal there. Now that we had a reason to go, I was finally able to take them there.

The restaurant's sign is big you can't miss it.

The menu.

 I had ginger ale to drink, the girls had juice and water.

 To start our meal, we ordered Insalata Mista - veggies with onion and tomatoes in vinaigrette dressing. Price is 220 Baht

My sister ordered  minestrone soup which cost 200 Baht.

 Spaghetti Aglio e Olio ( Spaghetti with Garlic and Olive oil) cost 230 Baht. It tasted good alright but I really did not enjoy this because it's way too hot for me.

M and Irene shared Erotica Pizza which cost  330 Baht. Toppings were pepperoni, ham and sausage.

 This huge vegetarian calzone only cost 260 Baht. I shared this with my sis. Because her stomach pain wasn't completely cured, she was able to eat only about a quarter of it.

 I waited so long for these guys to make pizza


Making pizza margherita

We were  just waiting for our bill  when a waitress came. She showed us samples of  mouth-watering desserts they offer . She asked if we would like to order. They looked tempting enough so we asked the lady to bring us mango tarte and strawberry cheese cake. Boy, we're so glad we stayed.  We all thought these were the climax of our dinner.

 We ordered mango tart which cost 210 Baht. The creamy mango filling was superb.

 This great tasting strawberry cheese cake cost 240 Baht.

 Here's the proof that we enjoyed every bit of our desserts.

 One last Kodak moment before going. That's me, my sis, I and M

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