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June 30, 2011


My sister and I had been talking about visiting the Shabushi Japanese Buffet Restaurant for weeks. Yesterday after work, we went . Two friends tagged along. The highlight of the restaurant is the steamboat buffet or more commonly known as hot pot.

Hot pot is a metal pot set in the center of the table and placed over a hotplate. At Shabushi, there are 3 choices of soup and we picked the normal one. There are wide range of dish selections such as seafood, meat and vegetables. You pick what you like, dump it in the simmering soup and cook it yourself .

There is also a section of sushi and other hot foods. A variety of drinks are also available. The price is 29o Baht per person.

The pot divided into 2 is a great concept. Our friends eat pork and seafood. We don't. We ordered the same soup. We both had the freedom to cook what we like to eat without asking each other.

Each dish is served in a small plate.

A plate of sushi.I ate all of 'em.

My favorite was their garlic fried rice. I ate more of it than soup.

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