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June 25, 2011

Children's Potluck

It was only half past nine when we arrived at church and the kids were all gathered at the gazebo impatiently waiting for us. We could tell they were ecstatic just by how excited they became when our car pulled over. Every one raced to hug and greet us. Even the older ones, not aware of what the commotion was all about , joined in.

After our endearing moments, each kid bragged about the food their parents prepared for the occasion.

Then came lunch. We went to the house of the head of the Children's Ministry Department, unpacked our lunches and said grace before consuming all the food served at the table.

Below are some photos I took during the 3-hour long potluck.

Saying cheese/ jeez first before praying.

Pasta in white sauce.

The host made this wonderful pumpkin and egg stir fry.

This Pad See Ew was so good that I asked the host if I could bring some home.

A table loaded with food brought by my sister's students at Sabbath School.

The table was not big enough to accommodate all the 25 or so kids! They had to sit on the floor!

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