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June 6, 2010

SP Practicals 15-16 Berlingots and Mielina

Practical 16 - Berlingots and Mielina

We have finally started with the lesson I dread the most. Sugarwork. This is the part where we will get ourselves burned. Gob bless us all!

My berlingots. Chef Fabrice appreciate my very first sugarwork. For a beginner in this field, he said I made a satisfying product :-)

Mielina is assorted nuts cooked in syrup at 118 degrees celcius.

Naung and her beautiful berlingots....

Getting ready for presentation: rolling, cutting and shaping

You can see from the picture below the anatomy of berlingots.The filling is wrapped in the cooked syrup. To have a glossy look, the cooked syrup is folded and pulled several times while still soft. The process of folding and pulling is called Satinage.

Practical 16 - Strawberry and Raspberry Jam, Milk Jam and Loukom

Milk jam is easy to make. For this recipe, you just have to boil milk with vanilla bean. When it comes to a boil, add sugar and continue cooking until it becomes creamy and pasty.
The jam is made from fresh strawberries and raspberries. Sugar is added to the fruits and soaked overnight. The syrup that is extracted from the fruits is cooked first at 130 degrees celcius. At 130 degrees, the fruits are added to the syrup. The mixture is cooked again at 103 degrees. A bit of lemon juice and a dash of ground pepper are added after cooking for the preservation.

My Loukom A La Rose ( Rose Loukom)

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