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June 26, 2010

Practicals 22- 23 Pastillage and Marzipan

Practical 23 - Pastillage

Pastillage is a mixture of icing sugar, cornstarch, gelatine and a bit of vinegar or lime juice.

The mixture becomes a hard and dry block. Kneading it a bit to make it nice and smooth is necessary before use. To ease the kneading and to moisten it, just add lard (We used duck's fat) until it reaches the right consistency.

The finished product. The chef actually liked the idea.

I added color to my liking. I took 3 equal portions and rolled them until they became strips. Then I wove the strips together just like how I braid my hair. This braid served as the handle of the basket I presented at the practical. I took another portion of the mixture and made it into the basket's "body".

I made flowers and leaves with the rest of the pastillage.

Practical 22 - Marzipan Figurines

One of the many practicals I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. These figurines were made of almond paste which is normally used to decorate traditional cakes.

My creations: The lady bug

The Lion or does it look more like a dog?

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