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May 28, 2010

SP Practicals 10-12 Dessert in Glass, Macarons

Practical 12 - Transparence De Cremeux Chocolat, Blondies,Framboise Et Son Croustillant De Grue De Cacao ( Transparence of Creamy Chocolate, Blondies, Raspberry with Cocoa Bean Crisps)

The long name says it all. This recipe is one of the series of restaurant desserts we are learning at the moment. The only thing that complicates the process is decoration which requires a lot of patience, time and creativity. Just so you know, our chefs encourage us to make grandiose decoration for all kinds of desserts.

Any glass is acceptable as long as it adds effect to what you want to present.. For this pratical, we used martini glass.You can see through the glass the order of the things inside.

The creamy raspberry was poured in, followed by diced blondies and raspberries, a tempered chocolate disk, a layer of creamy chocolate mousse over it, and the chocolate glaze.

Decoration includes baked cocoa bean nibs crips ( brown ), tempered marbled chocolate disk, raspberries and chocolate mesh.

Here's another version of the same recipe.

Practical 11 - Petit- Four Macarons

These Macarons are made from ground almond sifted twice then dried, mixed with icing sugar, egg whites and Italian meringue.

We made vanilla - strawberry flavored macarons and caramel butter cream macarons during practical. My partner and I piped the mixture in various shapes.

The color of caramel butter cream goes well with white macarons. The pink macarons are filled with vanilla- strawberry ganache.

My macarons - all set for the presentation. The pink macarons look strikingly beautiful against the white macarons.

Practical 10 - Chocolat/ Orange
Sachere biscuit base.

The biscuit was masked with chocolate mousse.

Frozen orange creme brulee was placed over the mousse and was covered with chocolate mousse.

It was chilled until it set. Decorated with chocolate spray, orange segment, slivered almonds and orange peel.

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