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May 8, 2010

SP Practicals 1-3 Tartlet , Baba and Club Sandwich

Practical 3 - Tartelette Au Chocolat Au Lait (Milk Chocolate Tartlet)

Sweet pastry base was fully baked at 170 degrees Celcius. The filling was made from soft caramel mixed with ground roasted peanuts. See below...

Then covered with a tempered milk chocolate disk.

Topped with frozen milk chocolate ganache.

Decorated with chocolate spray and tempered chocolate in different shapes.

Practical 2 - Baba Au Vieux Rum ( Baba with Aged Rum)

Baba has brioche-like base. It is imbibed with rum and dipped in syrup for a few seconds until damp. The filling can either be Mousseline diplomat cream or mousseline praline cream. The first is a mixture of pastry cream and whipped cream. The latter is a mixture of softened butter, hazelnut praline and pastry cream.I filled mine with mousseline diplomat cream and garnished it with grapefruit and orange segments and raspberry.

A slice of Baba.

Practical 1 - Club Sandwich Tropical (Tropical Club Sandwich)

The first picture that flashed in my head the first time I heard about this recipe was 2 slices of toast interlaid with pieces of ham, vegetables and mayo. But when I browsed through the recipe, I'd finally realized it wasn't the same club sandwich served in restaurants.

Pistachio flavored genoise biscuit sponge imbibed with raspberry punch is used here instead of toast. Between the 2 genoise biscuits are 2 layers of vanilla bavarian cream. In between the cream is the gelified emmeraude coulis made from raspberry and strawberry puree.

A closer look of club sandwich.

For the extra recipe, we made Florentin. It is a mixture of sliced almonds, candied fruit, honey, sugar, butter and cream baked at 170 degrees C for 20 minutes. The base is coated with tempered chocolate.

Now I know that not all club sandwiches are made from bread and filled with meat :)

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