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May 13, 2010

SP Practicals 7-9 Cakes and Eskimos

Practical 9 - Eskimo Citron Et Fruits De Bois ( Lime and Wild Fruits Eskimo)

A modern version of popsicle, Eskimo is made from lime mousse with wild fruits coulis filling, chilled in a tube to obtain it's cylindrical shape.

The base consists of sweet pastry and hazelnut cream biscuits cut in rectangular shape the length of Eskimo.

The top is decorated with wild fruits coulis, the side with ground pistachio nuts. Nibbed almonds, fuilletine and rice crispies will do, too!

Practical 8 - Dome Sensation (Sensation Dome)

The original plan was for me to work with Paco and Chiao. But Den was "no show" the last minute before practical. Without Den, Li feng would likely be working on his own so I decided to work with him instead. (Having no partner gives me the freedom to choose whom to work with). Li Feng and I agreed to triple the recipe thinking that Den would still come. With the current situation in Bangkok, getting to school on time is uncertain.

My partner and I had finished making and putting the finishing touches on the cakes but still there were no signs of Den. Below are the fruit of our labor.. Our friends applauded us for accomplishing what 3 people could do.

Dome sensation is a cake with pistachio dacquoise and sable breton base. A frozen redcurrant coulis is placed over the dacquoise. The entire cake is masked with white peach mousse.

I used sliced bluberry to decorate the surface. I placed whole bluberries, redcurrant and some bits of pistachio in the hole of the cake. The combination of the dacquoise and sable breton is incredible but the creaminess of peach mousse overpowers the flavor of the biscuits that I prefer to eat them on their own. Next time I make this recipe, I will place more biscuits inside so it can neutralize the taste of the mousse.

Practical 7 - Doceur Chocolat Blanc Et Fruits Rouges (Heavenly White Chocolate and Red Fruit)

Two layers of sacher biscuit interlaid with red fruit compote were placed inside the cake. The biscuits and compote were covered with white chocolate mousse.

As for the marble effect, I separated the white chocolate glaze into 2 equal portions. I added red food color to one. I placed 1 bowl on the right and another on the left to make pouring easier. I used small ladles and ladled each glaze on the cake alternately.

I aligned blueberries and raspberries one after another on top of the cake and placed a quarter of strawberries on each side.

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