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November 5, 2015

Post Birthday Celebration

It was my birthday. I went to Bangkok to be with  friends and family as I did not want to celebrate it on the island alone. I invited everyone  for a meal  but not all of them could come. A  few days past my birthday, a friend who missed the gathering, rang me up and asked if  me, my sister and cousin could join him for lunch. It was his treat to celebrate my birthday. My sister was still down with the flu so only me and my cousin were able to meet him.

On my cousin's recommendations, we went to this place called On The Table - a Japanese Cafe serving both Italian and Japanese food at their The Mall Bangkapi outlet. It hasn't been that long when she and my sister discovered the cafe. They have visited it a few times already. She loves the food.  Now, she couldn't wait for us to try it out.

Here's a peek of the menu.  They have few good choices of salad.

I love to have the smooth, creamy feel of smoothie after walking in the heat. That's how I roll. I asked for a strawberry banana smoothie as soon as I sat. It took some time for my cousin and friend to decide on what to drink. They ended up ordering smoothies as well. He  had raspberry and my cousin had mixed berry smoothies. Mine was the tastiest. The strawberry and banana combo plus the crumble on top were delicious.

Like we normally do when dining out, we order one or two kinds of salads and share them. There were just the three of us this time so we thought one was enough. We shared this refreshing seared black pepper tuna salad. It was lovely.

We are all big Italian food fan which means pizza would be enough to satisfy us. My cousin and I shared salmon and cream cheese pizza. Our choice did not disappoint. The thin crust was crunchy. The cream cheese complement the smoked salmon wonderfully.
Smoked salmon cream cheese

As for my friend, he single-handedly ate  pizza with parma ham topping.
Parma ham pizza

No, we did not skip dessert. This soft  chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream served as my birthday cake was the highlight of our meal. I got to eat most of it.  Thanks for the wonderful time Dr. P.
Chocolate chip with vanilla ice cream

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