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November 1, 2015

China White Thai-Chinese Restaurant On My Birthday

It's the time of the year again when I celebrate another year added to my life. It's a time when I get to break free from work and reward myself for working hard. My birthday is a national holiday in Thailand. I took the opportunity to fly back home to Bangkok and gather my family and friends who all had a day off of work  for a celebration.

I made a last minute decision to do it at the restaurant instead of hosting  a party at home. It would be less hassle for me. Besides, I really needed a good rest.  I chose a restaurant called China White at Central World. They serve hawker-style Thai-Chinese fusion dishes. I've been there numerous times. They have good food and the price is inexpensive. The service can be really bad during busy hours so I suggested we go there way  before lunch time.

What did we have? We ordered two fish dishes, chicken satay, egg salad and three kinds of stir-fried vegetable dishes.

One of my favorite dishes at China White is  this fried egg salad in a beautiful dressing - lime juice, fish sauce, garlic, chilis, cilantro. Yummy. It can be eaten as part of a meal or devour it on its own just like what I always do. I ate most of it.

The chicken satay was dry and lacking flavor. I was surprised with the peanut sauce though. It was pretty tasty.

We enjoyed these simple and delicious stir-fried dishes that day. Stir-fried cabbage(not in the picture) was everyone's favorite so we ordered two servings more.
Stir-fried morning glory

Mixed veggies

The dishes might be less appealing to the kids so we ordered fried rice for them. They finished it all up. They only had a little bite of the fish but none of the veggies. Haha.

A friend and her son don't eat fish unless deep-fried. We ordered this especially for them. It was delicious and flaky but not tender.

The rest of us shared this steamed white snapper in soy sauce. I liked the ginger strips on top. It helped enhance the flavor of the dish.

The feast.

I was glad I decided to fly back to Bangkok for the occasion. It was a  well spent birthday, surrounded by people who matter most.

The signage at the entrance. China White is located on the third floor, Zone D at Central World.

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